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[DFW Metroplex

Car Service by the Hour

Chevrolet Suburban (seats up to 6 people) $75.00 per hour, Two hour min
GMC Yukon (seats up to 7 people) $75.00 per hour, Two hour Min

Car Service by the Mile

Chevrolet Suburban $5.00 Startup + $3.00 per mile + tolls & Airport Fee $4.50 + $5.00 per extra passenger
GMC Yukon  $5.00 startup + $3.00 per Mile + Tolls & Airport Fee  $4.50 + $5.00 per extra passenger
Chrsyler Town & Country $3.00 startup + $2.00 per mile + Tolls & Airport Fee $3.00 + $3.00 per extra passenger

Tips on How to Estimate The Cost of Your Trip

      (1)    Go to Google Maps or any other Map program and type in your start location and final destination, Find out your total miles. Print out a copy of the directions and bring them with you to make sure the driver takes that route.

       (2)    Multiply the number of miles time $3.00, Then add $5.00 for the drop fee, $1.50 For Fuel Surcharge, $5.00 for each additional Passenger, and if the Trip includes traveling on the toll road, that also will be Extra charge, You will just have to guess this one, and that's All there there is to it.